Ahoy! Mermaids Pillowcases

One of my very favorite quick and fun things to do with fabric is to make pillowcases for beds. It is one of the highlights of my sons lives to pick out a new pillowcase for their bed every Saturday. Sometimes it’s a mom-made pillowcase, sometimes it’s one that came with a sheet set. We like options 🙂

My daughter is now 18 months old and as she is inching ever closer to a big girl bed, I knew I wanted to make her some cute pillowcases. My favorite tutorial for the “burrito method” pillowcase is in School of Sewing. I always reference it when I am making pillowcases.

If you don’t own School of Sewing, you can find a good burrito method pillowcase tutorial here.

Ahoy! Mermaids is in quilt shops now and can be purchased from your favorite local quilt shop or online shop. I can’t wait for my little miss to get older and hope she’ll want to use her mermaid pillow cases!