Dresden Butterflies Floor Pillow

Today is the last day of the Best of Moda Bakeshop Book Pillow Parade and I am excited to be bringing up the rear! We recently finished our basement and made a fun little reading nook under the stairs for our kids. We thought it would be fun to fill it with floor pillows and quilts (we have plenty of those!) to keep it a cozy space for our children to want to pass the time reading.

I chose to make a 24″ pillow using Add It Up and Alma by Alexia Marcella Abegg for Ruby Star Society for a beautiful, fall looking butterfly.

To make this pillow, you will need a copy of the Best of Moda Bake Shop book. In the book you will find the instructions to make my Dresden Butterfly quilt blocks. You will need 2 completed blocks to make this pillow and there are step-by-step instructions detailed in the book.

You will also need:

(2) 12 1/2″ background squares

(2) 17″ x 25″ pillow backing fabric

(1) 2 1/2″ x WOF strip of binding for the pillow backs

scrap batting 25″ square for the pillow front and (2) 18″ x 26″ for the pillow back

For the Pillow Front:

Sew the (2) 12 1/2″ background squares together with the dresden butterfly squares as shown. You will then need to baste this to the batting scrap as desired. For small projects I love spray basting. I quilted mine using Bernina stitch 4 to make this fun serpentine design that reminded me of wind for my butterfly to fly. Trim to 24 1/2″ square.

For the pillow back:

I very much prefer a quilted pillow backing. It adds extra comfort and stability and only a small amount of extra effort.

Baste the (2) 17″ x 25″ pillow backing fabric to the batting scraps, quilt as desired, and then trim to 17″ x 25″.

Press the 2 1/2″ x WOF strip of binding in half, with wrong sides together (just as you would to bind a quilt). Bind one raw 25″ edge on each of the pillow backs that measure 17″ x 25″. You can do this by hand, machine, big stitch, whatever binding you prefer for this project.

For Pillow Assembly:

Place the pillow top right side up and the pillow backs right side down. Align the raw edges of the pillow backs along the top and bottom raw edge of the pillow front. Pin, Pin, Pin and sew all around the edge using a 3/8″ seam. I prefer to use my walking foot for this step to deal with extra bulk. Switch to a zig zag stitch (stitch 2) and zig zag around the raw edge of the inside seam.

Flip the pillow right side out, gently poke out the corners, and give it a good press. Fill with a 26″ pillow form and you have yourself a new, comfy floor pillow.

For those of you that have missed the other pillow tutorials, please check the hashtag #bestofmodabakeshopbook on instagram for the other participants.

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