Fancy Fox Quilt

My oldest son turned 8 a few days ago. In our family that means it is time for him to be baptized! I decided in May that I wanted to make him a quilt to commemorate the special occasion. My wonderful husband is a graphic designer and I really wanted to utilize his expertise and his creative eye so it would be a quilt from us, not me.

My husband suggested we model the quilt after many of the famous Andy Warhol’s pop culture, brightly colored pieces. We settled on a color scheme of bright, fun colors. We used Kona Cotton solids for these colors. I took care of the sewing, he spray basted the quilt, I quilted and bound it, and we gifted it together. I’m pretty sure our son liked it, but he LOVED the pokemon backing we chose. 🙂 It’s great to be 8!