Selvage Quilt Block Tutorial

I have been working on a Cotton + Steel selvage quilt for awhile now. It’s been slow going as I’ve needed to cut off more selvages and as friends have sent me some of theirs. I love having a relatively mindless project like this going in the background of life to pull out when I’d like to sew, but I don’t know what. It seems every time I post about it on instagram, somebody asks how I make my blocks. I know there are many, many ways to do this and many, many tutorials that exist. Here is how I do this:

First, I cut muslin to 8 1/2″ square. I have found this to be a good length for a variety of selvages, including fat eighths. I didn’t want to limit myself to having to have the diagonal length required that only fat quarters would suffice. It does mean making more blocks, but I don’t mind that one bit.

Start with a selvage that is face up and more or less centered. I never measure. I just eyeball it.

Next, line up another selvage that is long enough on the edge.

Sew along the edge using a 1/4″ seam, and then press toward the new piece (strawberries for me)

Continue this process until you reach the corner.

Once you reach the corner, repeat this process going in the opposite direction.

If you’re thinking that this looks really janky, you are right. Head to your cutting mat and flip the block over. I trim mine down to 8-1/4″ at this point.

Now you’re done! It really is a simple process. I can’t wait until Ruby Star bundles are more readily available to start sprinkling those in as well!

Fat Quarter Shop Quiltalong: Stars Stripes and Dots

Patriotic Quilts. Either you want to make a million or you are like me and you have struggled to find something that inspired you enough to go for it. THIS quilt is literally the first patriotic quilt I have ever wanted to make. I LOOOOOOVE this pattern because it looks like an actual flag, but obviously modified to be a quilt. Today the Fat Quarter Shop is releasing the kits and the free pattern for this Stars Stripes and Dots quilt. It is so fast and easy and you will love making it just as much as I did.

I realized one of my issues with patriotic quilts is that I do not love the boldness of the red. I am not a red lover. When inspiration struck for this quilt, I knew it would be something I could possibly love enough to keep and use every summer.

I decided to use Essex linen for this top. I have never made a top completely out of linen. Before I get to the colors I used, which I know is why some of you are here, I thought I’d share my biggest tip for working with linen: keep track of the right and wrong sides of the fabric. If you do not do this, things get weird. I know from first hand experience. Others would say to starch, I didn’t and things worked out great! I use lots of steam and lots of heat, even with linen. The pattern calls for triangles on a roll, but I decided to make the triangles and trim using my Bloc Loc and it worked out great.

Here are the colors of essex I used for this quilt:




Scarlet Homespun

I really hope if you choose to make this that you will tag me @heritage.threads on instagram so I can see your quilt come together. It will become a family favorite for picnics, fireworks, and parades for years to come.

For the blog post containing the FREE pattern and kit options, here are the links for you:

Fat Quarter Shop Blog

Quilt Kit

Backing Kit

Pantone Color of the Year Quilt Challenge Entry

The Pantone Color of the Year is one of those things that you either love or hate. For the past few years, it just hasn’t been my thing. This year’s color, Living Coral, is absolutely something I can get behind in a big way. I decided to make a 2-tone quilt (including the hand quilting) as my entry for the challenge hosted by Bryan House Quilts and No Hats in the House.

I used American Made Brand solids (they are a dream to work with!) and my coral is their dark coral. I love the richness of this color. I then finished it off with hand quilting in DMC perle cotton no 8 coral.

This is an upcoming pattern that I hope to release before the end of August called Broken Chain. It is inspired by a traditional Irish Chain, but made in a more modern way. I love adding hand quilting to traditionally inspired quilts as a nod to their heritage.

Where do you stand on this year’s Pantone COTY? Do you love it or hate it?