Plus Sign Quilts

I LOOOOVE a good plus sign quilt. I don’t know why, but they are literally my favorite quilt block type. There is a wonderful tutorial by Southern Fabric called “The Easiest Quilt in the World” that I have made at least 5 times in baby size and made in twin sized (the math is not mine to share or I would) for both of my boys for Christmas.

For the baby quilt it takes just a bit of yardage AND the best part is that you can fit it all on a yard and a half for a backing, which means NO pieced seam on the back!

I have learned that I prefer my “straight line” quilting around 3/4″ apart. It gives such a good texture without being too close or too far apart. It works SO well on this quilt as well!

I’m not sure if I’ll ever outgrow the Plus Sign quilts and I know that I’ll make more in the future, but it does make me wonder…. Do you have a favorite quilt pattern you’ve made over and over and over? I’m asking for a friend 🙂