#jensfillerblocks American Honey

American Honey

This is another block that I just looooove. It is based off a fabulous pattern by Live.Love.Sew called American Honey. Since it is based off of a pattern that is not my own, I do not feel comfortable giving dimensions. I know there are those of you out there who are ambitious enough to try and just need the idea of where to start when shrinking blocks down to 6.5″. Good luck! It’s worth it in the end as it is so stunning. Try swapping the light and dark out for an even better contrast and pop of amazingness in your sampler.

One thought on “#jensfillerblocks American Honey

  1. Hi there,
    I found you by way of Camille Roskys Dwell kit. Have you written a book with all your 6.5” blocks. Just spent the morning enjoying your work. How do blogs go. How long will your patterns be available on line?

    Thank you for your post,

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