#jensfillerblocks Cathedral Window Star

Cathedral WIndow

In the coming weeks, I hope to upload and post instructions for all of my #Jensfillerblocks thus far. I hope this platform will allow me to better explain construction steps and tips. Let me know if you have any questions or requests for any other 6.5″ blocks!

For this cathedral window star, I used the super helpful tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company as my guide.

Cathedral center: 3.5″ unfinished

(8) 2 X 2 background/low volume/white
(9) 2 X 2 print

Star outer:

3.5″ center cathedral window
(4) 2 X 2″ background
(4) 2 X 3.5″ background
(8) 2 X 2″ print

A few tips to help you be more successful:

If you haven’t made a larger cathedral window, I’d recommend starting there. It is helpful to practice on a larger scale before attempting these small pieces.

I used a bit of glue to hold the 5 window pieces in place. I found this helped tremendously and I didn’t have to worry about poking my fingers with a pin while manipulating these small pieces.

2 thoughts on “#jensfillerblocks Cathedral Window Star

  1. I love your raspberry/white/aqua combinations. YUMMY! I also love this cathedral star block. You are very creative, I would never have thought to pair them together. Thank you for your wonderful ideas!

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