#CountdownChainAlong finish!

I got a major bee in my bonnet after making 1 set of chains and decided that it would be such a great gift to give to my sisters, sisters-in-law, parents, and parents-in-law this Christmas. I made 10 sets. Yes. 250 links. It was a little bonkers getting it done so quickly, but honestly I enjoyed every single step of this project. Unlike other projects I’ve made this year that were made from a jelly roll and had a 3-D element to them, this is one I would HAPPILY make again and again and again.

When I finished, I linked them all together and took a few staged photos because how could I not?! When will I ever have 250 links to put together again?! I put them on and felt a lot like Marley and Marley from A Christmas Carol (ok…. Muppet Christmas Carol, if I’m going to be honest)

But nothing can stop me from smiling at this gift that we will enjoy for years and years and years! All from fabric!!!

Rising Star Quilt

At the end of last year, I was asked to make this quilt as a shop sample for Ann of Stitch Supply Co. It was SOOOOO much work and there were SOOOOOO many pieces, but man it packs the most beautiful punch! The quilt top came home after a stay in Wisconsin and I had it beautifully quilted by Debbie of Hobble Creek Quilting. She did such a fabulous job. I could not be happier with it!

I backed it in one of my favorite, older Rashida Coleman Hale prints from Cotton + Steel, bound it in a Riley Blake 1/4″ black + white stripe and it is perfection in my eyes. It is bright, colorful, happy, and such a fun collaboration of all of these different fabric manufacturers. I hope this is a quilt my kids fight over when I’m dead. 🙂


I am SOOOO excited about my newest sewalong! Have you seen Holly’s (Maker Valley) ADORABLE pre-cut countdown chains?!?!? They are so beyond clever and so so so so so cute! I have made 1 set and have plans to make many more. I thought this would make such a fun sewalong, so Holly and I are thrilled to announce the schedule for you to sew along with us! In order to not give away too much of the pattern, I will use the figures from the pattern as a guide for you to follow. It will be very easy and self explanatory as long as you have purchased the pattern from Holly. If you haven’t, here is a direct link: Pre-Cut Countdown Chains

October 15 – Do all of your cutting and fusing (Figures A-F in the pattern)

October 22 – Do sewing, trimming, and turning (Figures G-J)

October 29- Do topstitching, quilting, and velcro (Figures K-M)

This is BY FAR my favorite 3-D thing I’ve ever made using fabric. There are some other things I’ve made once and I will never make again. This is not one of those things. I will make it over and over and over because it is just so fun and cute and clever. Will you be joining us? If you’ve been on the fence, grab a jelly roll, fat quarters, or layer cake and come make a cute countdown chain before Christmas decorating is in full swing!