Starry Night Quilt

I have a very dear friend who’s birthday is coming right up. I was so inspired by this same quilt made by Meg Dunton of @thebaconandmegsews that I asked her for permission to make it for my friend. The pattern is Starry Night by Sue Pafu ( and it uses a layercake plus a little yardage for the stars. I used up my layer cake from the Tiny Florals Anonymous swap from earlier this year and I love it! I also used my gradient method to arrange my squares in rainbow-ish order. I backed this in Target lumberjack flannel sheets since my friend is not especially floral/girly/pink loving and it ended up being so funny to see her reaction to it.

This was my first quilt I used bamboo batting (50% bamboo/50% cotton) and it was SUCH a dream to spray baste and quilt. I feel like there were enough fibers sticking out of it that it grabbed onto the spray as well as fabric soooo much more easily than with other batting types. I highly recommend trying it if you can find some!

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