12.5″ Raspberry Kiss Block

Happy Friday! I thought I’d do something a little different today and instead of a 6″ #jensfillerblocks, I’d share the cutting instructions for a 12″ raspberry kiss block on my blog. I shared this on instagram months and months ago. I had honestly forgotten about it until I assembled my B&C Sampler quilt today and had some that my lovely friend Jessica had sent me as a thank you for doing the quilty math for this. This was the beginning of doing quilty math to change the size of blocks, which then led to my filler blocks. Kind of a fun block for that reason.

(4) 3-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ background squares

(2) 3-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ pink squares

(1) 3-1/2″ x 9″ pink rectangle

(2) 7-1/4″ x 7-1/4″ green for the corners, cut in half once diagonally

Sew together the middle “cross” section. You will need to cut 1/4″ from EACH edge to make end up with a 9″ square.

Sew the green triangles onto the corners as instructed in the original raspberry kiss block.

17 thoughts on “12.5″ Raspberry Kiss Block

    • haha. No worries. It is confusing, but only because the cutting instructions for the squares would have to include 16ths of an inch to make it all line up perfectly. It’s not a perfect solution, but it works.

      • This is an awesome block, thanks for sharing. Have made 2 small quilts over the last 2 weekends. The block is so easy to make. The second on I cut all the cross blicks at 3 1/2″, as I forgot about to read properly the second time. But all worked out good. Will post photo and # you. Thanks Anne

  1. You probably won’t be notified of this message, darn yahoo, but I am confused about the large pink rectangle being smaller than the other pieces. How do you line them up to sew them then?

    • You just have to do your best to eyeball it. The sizes can’t be perfectly right or else the cutting instructions would include 16ths of an inch. Once you sew on one, you can then use it to line up the other side.

  2. Your original instructions I printed out right after I signed up for the Block Exchange stated cutting (2) 7″ x 7″ green for the corners. I now see you have changed that to 7 1/4″ x 7 1/4″. I already cut my squares at 7 x 7. Will that work if I’m really accurate?

    • It all depends on how you sew. I have no problems with it coming out at 12.5″ with 7″ corners, but there were a few people complaining that they couldn’t get it to work. If you sew with a cant 1/4″ seam and make certain your center block is 9″ square, you shouldn’t have any problems.

  3. Do you also square down to 12.5″ square after adding the outside triangles? My whole block is a bit more than 13″ square

    • Sorry for the delay. Yes, I do square it down to 12.5″. Some people were having trouble with even getting it to come out at 12.5″ due to variance in seam allowance we all sew with, so I made the outer triangles a bit bigger.

  4. Looks like a great block! Thanks for the Big block cutting instructions. I’ve made too many tiny blocks and am ready for some big ones!

  5. Just made several of these to send to @craftycop to be made into quilts for the family of Officer Familia, who was murdered last week. They go together quickly if you strip piece them. Please consider sending some Raspberry Kisses to show this family some love!💙

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